About me


As a child, art was always very important to me. I grew up in central Illinois, constantly drawing pictures, building things, or creating short films with my close friends. Now, as a college graduate living in Scottsdale, AZ, not much has changed, and expressing myself creatively is still one of my greatest passions.

I love being an artist. I love sharing my ideas with others visually. While art is definitely something I consider to be a hobby, it has grown to be so much more than that for me. I have painted 1,000+ square foot murals at my local bowling alley, created a feature length film that will soon be on Netflix, and even gotten to do paintings for Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta.




Aurora University, Class of 2016

Aurora, IL

Media Studies, Graphic Design



Rink (2018) - Director of Photography, Editor

Insomnia (2016) - Writer, Director

Screenplay (2015-2016) - Director

Vengeance (2015) - Writer, Director